Here you will find testimonials of recent participants

You’ ll get a impression of their experience attending a  presentation, seminars or workshops.

“I was not sure what this was going to be but was supriesed at how you ( Vanessa ) managed to get to teh heart of things.”

SarahSurrey BC

“I loved it . I have not been part of anything like this before ... I enjoyed to learn how my actions effect my body functions. Loved how they ( the presenters) explained how creativity can be effected by everything going on in your body. I highly recommend this course.”

Jen L.Surrey, BC

““Thank you, Vanessa, great job at presenting and now I have more questions"”

KevinWhite Rock, BC.

“The connection of emotion to science was brilliant and I got more out of this course then I expected, Thank you! ”

L.M. Digital Artist, Surrey, BC

“This course gave me words for internal processes I always struggeled to express without feeling exposed, you gave me a language professional and empowering. Thank you!”

Biologist Vancouver , BC

Notes from recent participants after a stress management facilitation