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Here you can have your own of “Courage is Key” written by  Vanessa Wiebel’s, National Bestselling Author  and Quil Award Winner in 2014.

Proceeds of this book go to “courageous startup projects” and support kids learning such as the school program”breakfast for learning”


Product Description

Here you can get your own copy of  “Courage is Key” , in 2014 Vanessa won and was part of  the National Bestseller Authors and the Quill Award  winner “STAND APART “.

“Stand apart”: a term that is applied more to success than to failure – for good reason. The people who Stand Apart in the world are not the “same old, same old.” Instead of further explaining the meaning of – ‘to stand apart,’ it is useful to note the traits of those who stand apart in success:

  1. They are usually leaders who do not follow the herd.
  2. They make decisions quickly and don’t suffer from ‘analysis paralysis’.
  3. They take calculated risks to succeed.
  4. They understand that failure is a part of success and don’t offer excuses.

Here you get a very personal account on how STANDING APART with courage was key and trans formative. Showing how it fundamentally matters how you show up.


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