Upcoming Events

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Embodied Leadership through Joy - Vanessa Wiebel
Summer 2021, Location TBA
ESL - Counter Burnout as you Integrate into Canada during COVID - Vanessa Wiebel
Littel Mountain ESL
Move your Life forwards with more Joy - Vanessa Wiebel
2021 Location TBA
DARE YOURSELF series : Envision- Plan - Live your Vision sooner
Zoom 2021 Spring ,
Align yourself with 5Elements and C-IQ
Coming TBA 2021

Past Events

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Resilent Support Network Series: Optimize Leadership/team communincaiton during Covid 19
2020/21- Senior Service, West Van
Resilent Support Network Series: Support Leaders navigate during Covid 19
Dec 2020- Feb 2021: Senior leaders, West Vancouver, BC
VIsion Board combined wiht the NASA-4- D system for effective leadership:
2020 Fall
How to have efficent teams like NASA-4- D Co-Facilitaion:
2019 Jan- Dec , Vancouver
BHM - Stress Reduction with 5-Elements and C-IQ
2020 Oct. , Zoom, Oct. 2019 Vancouver, BC
Creative Life: Create and Thrive as Artists
2018 October 28th Surrey Glow -ARTCAN, Surrey BC
Creative Life: Create and thrive as Artists
2018 September 29th ARTSCAN , Surrey BC
How to have efficent teams like NASA-4- D co- Facilitaion :
DONE - 2018 in LA, USA
Disruptive Innovation - at Conciousness Conference co-creation Co-Speaker with Eillen Dowes Master facilitator, Lynne Brisdon PCC
AUG 2nd - 5th 2018, Mindfulness Conference , Vancouver,BC

Walking the Walk

Vanessa’s path to coaching has been winding and colourful and it was a client who initially gave her the nudge. She worked with mentors and business coaches to help her make a plan and develop a new vocation that matched her passion, abilities and qualifications. She did ‘the work’, and overcoming her own challenges and inner resistances. She learned to commit to her own goals, daily self-care, and to regularly take time for the things that feed her soul.