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    Annette MuttayEnviromental Sicientist, BC

    “Visuals really help me conceptualize who I am, how I am interacting with my world, and how I can improve those interactions for the benefit of my personal as well as business relationships. Just like you, I dig hard data and make them work for me and others! Keep up the great work. (2019)”

    Michael M. ReyesMaster of Health Administration VCH March 2021

    “Vanessa has been my leadership coach for the last 8 months or so. I find the structure and her approach very helpful, insightful, and valuable. Vanessa has been working with me to identify areas I need to develop more as I am a leader of a large Health Care Team, and she provides context around sound approaches I may have previously not chosen to take based on my instinct. Now I am more confident. In our work together I’m introduced to new ideas and proven best practices which I get to apply as I deal with staff, clinical leaders, and stakeholders in this critical time of COVID getting better outcomes than before. I highly recommend having Vanessa as a professional coach.( 2021)”

    Garry FirthFromer Professional Marine Diver, BC

    “If you are tired of the same old same old and want to kick start your life or career then book an appointment with Vanessa. You will experience firsthand the energy that Vanessa brings to the table for your benefit.( 2009)”

    Jason Chapman Strata mamagement, Surrey, BC

    “Vanessa has been a god-send. She has the strength, will and compassion to help those who are willing to do the work. Helps to get what they want in their life. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make a big change and needs the support systems to achieve it. Thanks again Vanessa! ( 2013)”

    Joe Intrakamhang Senior Data Science & ML Manager at GoogleSenior Data Science & ML Manager at Google

    “Vanessa is a great executive coach who can build up your internal confidence and get you motivated to attack the problem at hand. She has helped guide me through burning out and recovering from the burnout. She listens and provides great analogies to the situation at hand. These analogies helped put the problems in a different light and gets you motivated.(2020)”

    Valentin Tepes Manager of Facilities VCH 2020

    “Vanessa is an incredible coach.She is my personal Executive Coach and also the Leadership Team Coach for Vancouver General Hospital Facilities Maintenance and Operations department. Vanessa has an amazing skill of keeping her clients focused on the major goal by avoiding the "rabbit holes", and any other distractions coming from the competing priorities.... I recommend Vanessa's services to anyone who is honestly looking to expand their skills at the fastest rate. Reading self-improvement books, taking leadership development courses are important. Having a personal coach like Vanessa brings an extraordinary level of knowledge and learning experience.( 2020)”

    Molly Sch.Solopreneur, BC

    “Thank you for all you do to keep me functioning and continuing to move in a positive direction both physically and spiritually... (2009)”

    Nikita Nabh, now Capital Projects, Fraser Health AuthorityVCH, Employee Experience - Projects

    “Vanessa has strong communication skills, collaborates effectively and is a team player who strives for excellent results . She is a skilled coach who consistently receives positive feedback from her coaching clients in helping them achieve their goals. As a colleague , I have always been inspired by her professionalism , willingness to provide and seek feedback and dedication to her work. (2019)”

    Gwendolynne R.Mediator and Coach

    “Vanessa is one of the most authentic and knowledgeable coaches out there. She has a wonderful ability to connect what you think and feel to what your body is doing. She works with patience and understanding and yet will not let you undervalue yourself. When you think of a holistic approach to your health and life Vanessa is the person to take you there.( 2010)”

    Scott Croucher MXV fitness founder and owner, Fort St James, BC

    “Vanessa took my micro-cosmos to my macro. I realize- no-one else, but me is going to organize the office for me ... and now I can with ease. ( 2009)”

    David S.Computer animator, Victoria BC

    “After a long time of being stuck in my job ann bored you ( Vanessa) have energized my motivation, and to harnessed energy. Energy I’ve felt I always had and could not access. Now I am free to use it finally and I have a vocation I now love.”

    Sandra WatsonMovie Industry, BC

    “Vanessa helped me, connecting with my values, so I can feel them to apply them. Before I was unaware... now I am a more congruent at all I do.... I am learning about my true form of self," who I really am". (2011)
    ... I can take it easily into action. This coaching today was like being reborn... (Vanessa)Your frame work really helped me all makes more sense. ”

    Olive DemsteyCity Hall Management, BC

    “I fell I understand in a more profound level how I can now live more fully in my world. The insight gives me greater space to explore my options and choices ...this is profound as a cellular experience. (2012)”

    Tessa Danelesko, Senior Account Manager at Yulu Public 2022 David Suzuki Foundation project manager 2018

    “Vanessa is a fully competent, thoughtful and direct coach. She provided clear and effective guidance to me while I navigated a new role after changing my professional area of focus. She strikes a great balance between listening and advising, and together we tackled a variety of work-related topics. During one of my favourite sessions we worked on building my professional mission statement - the process she designed to lead me through this exercise was clear and engaging. She has also provided several empowering analogies relevant to my role that I refer to often. Vanessa is an excellent coach and I highly recommend her. (2018)”

    Matthew Redekopp, P. Eng, CEMEnergy Management for Alberta and BC School Districts - GPPSD, GPCSD, SPERD, FVSD, FrancoSud, Northland, & SD48

    “Vanessa filled a critical leadership gap for me in my pathway to becoming the CEO of my business. She helped me see that self- care is a critical value when the stress is high in achieving entrepreneurial goals. Scotch and a cigar in what she identified as "Canoe Time" for me has been a pressure valve in the high pressure of business development. (2016)”

    Matthew Redekopp, P. Eng, CEM

    “Vanessa filled a critical leadership gap for me in my pathway to becoming the CEO of my business. She helped me see that self- care is a critical value when the stress is high in achieving entrepreneurial goals. Scotch and a cigar in what she identified as "Canoe Time" for me has been a pressure valve in the high pressure of business development. (2016)”