Are you tired of

  • employees not being able to deal with each other?
  • high turnover and having to retrain someone month after month for the same job?
  • low staff moral and lack of communication in the workplace?

I’m tired just talking about it, so I understand how you feel. There is help.

Whether you are an individual or a company, you need to know how to:

  • change peoples mindsets
  • reduce stress
  • pick the right person for the right job
  • communicate better
  • know how to relate to your employees better
  • understand what is expected of you from your job and by others

Here is how I can help

By offering tailored group sessions to reduce office and personal stress, turn chaos into innovation, replace lack of ambition into a driving initiative, I show you and your team how to take care of yourselves and enjoy your jobs and life again.

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Leaders in following oragnizations  I work with

to  re-discover the richness of life, regain the love for their vocation,reducing their stress levels and sustain a high quality of life with natural joy., supporting a senior manager through re-patriation and change management process staying true to their values and ethics. , assisting a senior lead to find vocation matching their unique skills and niche expretice adn interest.

Google leadership, supporting several leaders learn to balance organizational pressure and personal selfcare to become sustainable, so they choose to stay or leave.  Leadership development, supporting VCH executive and mangement leadership though complex decission making per-during-post pandemic ( 2019-2024), change management, conflict resolution,  How to navigate fall-outs, changes, conflicts, How to regroup and rebuild of the organisation with compromised human and physical resources.


REDE ENERGY SOLUTIONS, LTD.   Edge entrepreneur expanding his team, optimizing team culture and life quality to allow business evolution.

MXV Integrated Health and Fitness Entrepreneur  Coaching helped this trades & family man to leave his well-paying mind-killing job to follow his passion in 2010.

Beauty by Vengeance Salon She relocated into a new community and started a new positive chapter in her life.

Strata PRO Solutions, Surrey BC   Having a passionate idea and putting it into reality is a challenge and overwhelm can take you out.

Trikinetic Massage Therapy Clinic.  Business and Lifestyle optimization coaching helped this legendary RMT – Clinic in the heart of East Vancouver stay competitive and up to date.