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Our clients struggle with the symptoms caused by overwhelm and burnout;

  • Are you experiencing increases cynicism?
  • Do you find your beginning to lack in patience with others?
  • Have you noticed you’re making more and more mistakes?
  • Are you caring less about what you do and how you present yourself?
  • Wondering how to manage it all and not knowing where to turn?
You have been brave in the situation, and denial has made it all worse. You’re not the only one being effected by this, all around you are felling the results of your overwhelm and, or burnout. This leaves all concerned trapped and stuck, drained and confused, and deeply disappointed. The pressure is multiplying. It’s time to stop and get off this track. We can help.
We uses top of the line assessment tools, one being the internationally tested LUMINA SPARK from Cambridge University. It is backed by science, based on a non- forced answer personalized psychometric assessment. It’s empowering rather than labeling. Your coaching and facilitation experience is sped up and enhanced with the insights gained, while being fun.

We offer a selection of 1:1 sessions packages to match your unique situation delivered virtually or in person.

We are here to help you:
  • love what you do again,
  • have it all by learning how to better manage stress,
  • raise your professional and personal success levels,
  • and work with someone who has your best interest at heart.

We offer services for:

  • Executive/Leadership Coaching
  • Corporate/Management Coaching
  • Entrepreneur /Small Business Coaching
  • Individual Coaching
  • LUMINA SPARK psychometric assessments
  • Tailored team coaching and facilitation using LUMINA learning and co-active coaching

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