Walking the Walk

Vanessa’s path to coaching has been winding and colourful and it was a client who initially gave her the nudge. She worked with mentors and business coaches to help her make a plan and develop a new vocation that matched her passion, abilities and qualifications. She did ‘the work’, to overcome her own challenges and inner resistance. She learned to commit to her own goals, daily self-care, and to regularly take time for the things that feed her soul.

Starting with a childhood passion

Firsthand Vanessa understands the nature of highly ambitious health professionals and their dilemma of not taking care of themselves whilst taking care of everyone else around them. She knows the high financial and personal costs form personal experience. She comes from a high-strung Northern European household, and by moving to Canada, she learned a better way of dealing with what life threw at her. As a result giving her better relationships, better interactions, and, ultimately better results in all aspects of her life.

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Life before being a Coach

Her out-of-the-box thinking allows her to frequently see opportunities where others can’t. This advantage led to her first business as a pioneer  of a multidisciplinary Holistic Therapy Center in Vancouver. This kind of conceptual health practice was innovative in British Columbia during that time. She facilitated over 43,000 one-on-one sessions in close to 2 decades.

Her passion for finding solutions has helped to transform the lives of many clients, and Vanessa became known around Vancouver as the catalyst to wellness through body, heart and mind alignment.”
Stronger together
Vanessa loves to help others find efficient ways through their own processes so their dreams become reality. What she brings to working with her clients is the powerful combination of her natural personal calling and excellent interdisciplinary professional training.
Vanessa’s approach is very hands on and constructive whilst using disruptive methods to evoke positive transformation. She brings a no-nonsense yet empathetic approach and clear communication skills to the table. She is innovative and passes on to her clients her natural optimism. She empowers them to rise out of their dilemmas and create sustainable, successful and fun lives.
My Vision is

To be your ally as you eliminate burnout habits by building stress resilience.

“When those who help others stop being martyrs, and pursue enjoying their passion making positive change needed today while staying well, then my work is done.”

     Vanessa – 2012


Team Leader with Synergy Global Pty Ltd Management Consulting 11-50 employees
At Synergy, our hearts and minds are focused on leveraging talent to make the world a better place whether that’s your leadership ability or the collective genius of your team/staff we’ll partner to unleash hidden potential. We focus on helping clients achieve positive, measurable behavioural and cultural change encouraging you to exceed expectations, lead with integrity and have fun.
We provide organizational development consulting and coaching services for people wishing to focus on strategic priorities and improve their leadership of positive cultural change. We add value by assisting executives and teams to clarify their values, vision and goals. We then raise awareness of the importance of role-modelling effective behavioural change. This drives strategy, operational excellence, improves customer service and sustainable competitive strength.

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    Credentials and Professional Qualifications

    • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
    • Active member of the International Coaching Federation ICF
    • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
    • Registered Lumina Practitioner for Lumina Spark Intro (Mini) & Full, and team-wheel Assessments
    • Successful Entrepreneur and owner of a Holistic Health Clinic Collaboration in Vancouver
    • Shiatsu Therapy Certification & Diploma, trained in Physiotherapy, and Soma-Emotional Release Methodologies
    • Bachelor of Science in Geography and Urban Environmental Planning, Botany, Biology and Sociology

    Publications and presentations

    • Bestselling Author on Amazon with “Stand Apart”
    • National Bestseller Quill Award LINK
    • Presenter and facilitator on the issue of Distructive Innovation advantages (INPM)
    • Owner and developer of the YesYouCan, confidence formula and LEAP program
    • Guest on various radio shows in Canada, US and Europe
    • Keynote-speaker and trainer for conferences, organizations, and groups

    Volunteering for

    • Coach for CoachActivism – helping refugees (intern. project ICF Vancouver Island Chapter)
    • CoachGiving – making coaching avaliable for non-profit Leaders (ICF Vancouver Chapter)
    • Minerva Foundation Coach, coaching professional women to successfully return into their profession
    • Active membership of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of BC (STA) – President & Board Member