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Overwhelmed and burned out?

Want to become more resilient for today’s demands?

Is it time to take better care of yourself so you can continue to help others?

Vanessa E. Wiebel works with Executives & Leaders in Helping Vocations


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Helping Professionals Succeed

Are you drowning in your own success and selling yourself short? Would you like to be sure again, and reset your real priorities & boundaries so you are less drained? Let us help you.


Lumina Spark Assessments

Knowing your own parameters sets you free

Lumina’s non- forced assessment is a more empowering. It creates authentic portraits for individuals and teams optimizing communication and results.

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One on One meetings

An ally by your side makes all the difference

On on one sessions help you reach your goals faster and find specific solutions matching your unique transformation needs. Offering virtual or in-person meetings to suit you.

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Events and workshops

Group learning empowers you and your team

Offering a range of tailored workshops specializing in building team effectiveness and better work cultures. All workshops held at the location of your choice.

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Who we help

YesYouCan helps our clients struggling with the symptoms of overwhelm and burnout

such as:

  • increased cynicism,
  • lacking patience,
  • increased mistakes,
  • general decrease in caring and
  • managing it through denial.

Braving the situation and denying these symptoms makes things worse and can leave you feeling:

  • trapped and stuck
  • drained and confused
  • deeply disappointed that you can’t figure it out by yourself.

Does this describe you or someone you care for?


These assessments provide insight into

  • Becoming genuinely productive
  • Kicking self-defeating habits.
  • Working better in teams
  • Making better choices. Today.

Vanessa tailors to the needs of individuals & companies

Helping you cut to the chase, Vanessa uses top of the line internationally tested, assessment tools. Our most popular being Lumina-Spark from the UK. This psychometric assessment uses a non-forced answering format to empower rather than label.

This tool speeds up and enhances your coaching and facilitation experience while keeping it fun. Serving individuals as well as small to large teams, the INTRO and SPARK are easily done on line; prior to or during a 1:1 session or in preparation for team sessions.

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What Makes Vanessa different

Coaching you out of self sabotage

We work within a truly holistic paradigm using co-active coaching, internationally tested neuro-science , and embodied methodology to help you regain a fulfilling Work-Life Balance

If self-sabotage, doubt and hesitation are getting the better of you and keeping you from reaching your goals, there is a way out.

Yes we can support you in reaching a fulfilling Work-Life Harmony!

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

Working with us you can expect to:

  • Develop the physical and mental fitness to match the challenges of the vocation you love
  • Train your mindset to support your actions and vice versa
  • Have enough time for the things that are dear
  • Improve your decision making abilities
  • Be proud of contributing to the greater good in the world
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No nonsense, compassionate approach get to the heart of the matter quickly


We ask the questions that unlock the answers you hold inside


Every session is 100% confidential, we do not share any of your information.


Our compassionate style sees you through the journey of change to reach sustainable success.

...I have a better sense of me... This coaching today was like being reborn. Life is a constant of morphing, understanding the phases of the “pan-archy”. Your (YYC) frame-work really pulls it together for me.
I am pulling all together- I have been out in atmosphere - now all comes together and makes more sense.

S. WatsonMovie production, BC and USA

Great session! I am very pleased with (Vanessa's) your ability to hold the tension of sacred space ...till I am ready to go forward. Your capacity of deepth by merging the physical and mental, body energy and emotionla staff is very needed. You gift of collaborating the coaching and your astuteness with bodyknowledge is very very benifital to me. You help me evolving, have greatest change- now I feel relief and a deep sense of gratetude.

Lynne Brisdon PCC,Enterpreneur and Empolyment-program manager, Canada& USA

“...know that you have had an impact, not an effect, but an impact on our lives. Thank you for this gift. I love your loving fierceness accompanied with your gift of clear decisive wording- you cut it to SIMPLE and I see my vision and go to action.”

Z. SchafferBC Hydro team management, BC

"Thanks for looking after me by coaching me and being so good at what you do. You have changed my life perspective to the better."

Peter R.Film Industry Worker, BC Film

"Visuals really help me conceptualize who I am, how I am interacting with my world, and how I can improve those interactions for the benefit of my personal as well as business relationships. Just like you, I dig hard data and make them work for me and others.."

Annette Mutrray Senior Environmental Scientist, BC.

"Many thanks! For connecting me to me, to what it means to be fully human. For spurring me on and unsticking me. And most of all for re-introducing me to my in-breath and out-breath. My own true nature.”

The Love Doctor Entrepreneur and CEO

"Tenacious. Focused. Energetic. Authentic. These are just a few of the words that I would use to describe ...the way she coaches her clients. If you are tired of the same old same old and want to kick start your life or career then book an appointment with Vanessa ...experience firsthand the energy that Vanessa brings to the table."

Garry FrithFormer professional Diver, CPCC, Nanimo, BC

"Vanessa helped me overcome old behavior belief patterns preventing me to see my own value. Now I step up into my greatness. No longer shy,... now enhancing my presentation and audience connection through humour."

Nina JohnsonHealth Consultant, WA , USA

"Vanessa brings something to the table the business cultures don’t. .....Now I am successful in my negotiations in my business and private life."

Geoffery H.Company president, Vancouver, BC

“Vanessa’s practical metaphoric coaching approach is fantastic! Helped my company catapult forwards faster than I thought. She linked my passion ... my business plan ... Now I understand how to lead my team better and to have more ... company gain….. and more fun”

Pete Kauhausen Nutritional Consultant and Expert, Isagenix, Surrey, BC

“ 'Ride your Emotional Roller Coaster & Stay Successful' seminar was fun, interesting, relevant and illuminating. I appreciated the safe and compassionate space created by Vanessa and Lynne. The seminar shed light on my challenges and gave me hope (and practical tools!) that I could overcome them.Thanks so much."

Theresia Gebrail Social Services, Vancouver, BC

Vanessa is unique in the way she gentle and firmly supported me to be aware of my existing patterns and behaviours. Using both touch and her gift with words, she helped me unveil truths, and facilitated healing in long term meaningful ways. I am grateful!

Liane RossEnterpreneur and mother, BC

“ I feel I understand in a more profound way, how I can now live more fully in my world. The insight gives me greater space to explore my options and choices. It's not about being perfect. It's about how I want to show up in the world, being enabled to BE, rather then rushing and worrying all the time. I can now chose to experience life …..this is a profound cellular experience."

Olive D.City Hall management, BC

"...today was a much much better day. A BIG thank you to you.. You have no idea how grateful I am. ..I feel so much more at peace and calm today, it's a true gift... Also the pain in the chest is not there today - another unexpected gift! I'm very thankful you were willing to talk to me on short notice, very thankful! A big big hug and love!"

Ivonne CookAnalytics, Richmond BC

Ready for a better way to live!

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